Resource Overview

This section offers resources to stomach cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Here you will find tools that can help you be prepared for your first appointment with your healthcare team as well as offer tools for issues encountered during and after treatment. If you require additional resources or information, please do not hesitate to email, we will do our best to honour your request.

your first appointment: questions for your healthcare team

This resource can be used before your first appointment with your medical, surgical or radiation oncologist. The questions here will help you gather the information you will need and open a dialogue between you and your healthcare team. You may choose to print the PDF version of this document and bring it to your appointments.

LIfe during/after treatment: nutrition and stomach cancer

This page will help orient you to resources for meeting your nutrition needs during and after treatment for stomach cancer.

The information provided on is taken from a most recent review of medical literature and attempts to be as comprehensive as possible. However it may not necessarily reflect the experiences of your healthcare provider or the specifics of your situation. The information presented here is strictly educational in nature and no attempt is made to make opinions or recommendation. We encourage readers to discuss individual cases with their healthcare team.