Use these tools to prepare you for your first appointment with your healthcare team and with dealing with food during and after treatment.

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Get the information you need and open a dialogue between you and your healthcare team.

Canadian Gastric Cancer Association

Created to help patients better understand their diagnosis. View clinical trials, research, and get resources.


Our Guest Speaker Series  aims to educate on the most important issues. 


STomach Cancer in the Media

From medical studies to personal journeys, read more about stomach cancer as seen in the news. 


Eating Well When You Have Stomach Cancer

Eating well is important! Manage eating habits during/after treatment via this resource from the Canadian Cancer Society.  


Chef Hans Reuffert creates recipes that are nutritious and conscious of stomach cancer patient needs.


Canadian Gastric Cancer Association

Created to help patients better understand their diagnosis, feel free to view trials, research, and get resources.


Helpful tips on eating for stomach and gastroesophageal junction cancer patients.

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