International Gastric Cancer Conference 2019


Capturing a moment with the panel after the workshop (left to right): Dr. Petra Tesarova of General University Hospital (Prague), Denise Gabrielson, St. Michael’s Hospital(Canada), Teresa Tiano, Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley, Sinai Health System(Canada), Dr. Anja Menhert of Universitat Leipzig (Germany) and Katy Kosyachkova.

My Gut Feeling got a chance to participate in the 2019 International Gastric Cancer Conference. It was an amazing opportunity to fly to Prague to help build bridges between the medical communities involved in gastric cancer treatment worldwide.

We were so honoured to bring the patient voice to the forefront! My Gut Feeling - Stomach Cancer Foundation of Canada chaired the first ever patient-led workshop for an audience of surgical and medical oncologists from all over the world.


The Chair of the 13th International Gastric Cancer Congress, Dr. Florian Lordick of University Hospital Leipzig (Germany) and Teresa Tiano, Chair of My Gut Feeling

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