One-of-a-Kind Blue Bar Pendant

blue bar.JPG
blue bar.JPG

One-of-a-Kind Blue Bar Pendant

  • These pieces are a variation on one of my early designs.  

  • Reclaimed oak base with My Gut Feelings signature periwinkle blue top coated with a resin glaze, polished and hand waxed.  

  • An astronaut blue accent is visible.

  • Silver chain.

About the Artist

Cam Cronin lives and works on the West Coast of British Columbia.  He has been creating hand-made, one of a kind jewelry for the past 10 years. Trained as an actor, he would often find himself ‘waiting’ around on film sets or in auditions; he found making small jewelry both relaxing and satisfying.  He works in wood, metal and other natural materials. The pieces all start from found stock or cast-off-cuts which would otherwise be wasted. He is proud to collaborate with My Gut Feeling, as cancer has touched his family in the past.  His work can be found locally in Vancouver. Further inquiries can be directed to

Please allow 2-3 weeks for standard delivery.

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