Stomach Cancer in the News

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A moving story about a man diagnosed with stomach cancer. Readers witness the journey that unfolds in his subconscious as he battles cancer, and the emotional battle his loved ones find themselves embroiled in. 

Life Without a stomach: jiM's story

At Sunnybrook, gastric cancer patients are cared for by a highly specialized multidisciplinary team who commonly oversee the care, and conduct research, for patients with this more rare form of cancer.

Life Without a Stomach: Surgery to Prevent Gastric Cancer

A couple of Maryland residents who chose to remove their stomachs to prevent stomach cancer say it's one of the best decisions they've ever made.

Some vital body organs you can function without

A stomach isn't the only organ you can live without. 

Life without a stomach

Carrying a gene that predisposes him for deadly stomach cancer, a man has the organ removed


Life without a stomach: Jemma's unfathomable decision made in the nick of time

It was a bizarre experience, Jemma Caprioli explains, having to admit herself to Royal North Shore Hospital when she was neither sick nor injured.

Two weeks later she would be discharged, without her stomach.